Eli’s Ode to Garbage Trucks

Most of our family and friends have already seen this, but I thought it would be fun to share here this recent video recorded by Eli’s Aunt Misa while I was in the hospital having Zoe.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before Eli’s obsession with garbage trucks. He vascilates between being concerned that a garbage truck is going to eat him and his plans to be a garbage truck driver when he grows up. Time spent in the car is utilized to continually scan his surroundings for these lumbering behemouths of refuse. At home he delights in being asked to throw things away (” for the garbage truck to eat it!”) He loves to watch YouTube videos of garbage trucks making their rounds and of Lego garbage trucks being assembled. While, thankfully, his play is begining to diversify into non-garbage truck related activities, his love for all things garbage remains strong. So without further ado, here is a glimpse into Eli’s passionate yet sometimes tumultuous love affair with garbage trucks.

(A big thank you to Rachel of http://www.graspingforobjectivity.com for helping me get the video posted on YouTube. If you have never visited her blog drop everything and do so now. Unless you are averse to laughter. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone recovering from recent abdominal surgery.)

Meet Zoe!

Zoe Anneliese was born on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 12:22 p.m.

Zoe after her first bath

We are so happy to have her out where we can now all enjoy her. Eli is thrilled with his little sister and has been a big help to his mama. He was initially a bit confused though when he came to the hospital to see her for the first time. He said, “Mama, have a new baby. Have another Zoe, this time orange.” I guess all this time he was thinking I was going to give birth to the Sesame Street muppet but somehow hadn’t gotten it quite right on my first try! Thankfully, after a little explanation he’s been able to accept our current Zoe just as she is.

Eli meets Zoe

I have so many things in mind to post about these days but so little time to actually do so. I’ll get you all caught up as time and energy permit, but right now around here it all about baby snuggles, carving out time for Eli and whatever elusive rest comes my way!