Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (or Soon After)

Zoe’s hair is finally starting to come in. She now has a downy little five o’clock shadow over her adorable noggin. My neighbors are almost all hispanic and birth babies with heads full of gorgeous thick locks. One neighbor peered at Zoe this past weekend in passing and asked me why I had cut off her hair. I said I hadn’t. Oh, it fell out? Uh, no, it’s just starting to come in.

I told my husband about this amusing exchange this evening as I watched Eli play in the tub. After Jeff walked out of the bathroom, Eli said, “You know, Mom, everyone has to get their hair cut sometime.” I agreed that that was true and asked if he had noticed today that a neighbor child had gotten her hair cut. He had.

“You know, Mom, youneed to get your hair cut sometime.” Eyes averted, fiddling with his bath toy.

“Do you think I should get my hair cut short?”


“Daddy likes my hair long.”

“Oh.” Eyes still averted.

“Do you think I should get my hair in front cut short, but leave the back long?”

“Uh, yeah!” He finally looks at me, his eyes happy, hopeful.

Sigh… It’s not the first time he has asked me to get my hair cut in recent months. But this time I could tell that it is pretty important to him that I do so.

You see, I have wanted to have hair that was all long and that I could just braid back for many years, but each time I tried to grow out my bangs I could never get past the interminable awkward stage and would cut them again in frustration. Then I got pregnant again. And sick. So sick. For the first four months I did well just to get out of bed and wasn’t much seen by the public at large. That’s a great time to get a head start through a painfully awkward stage of hair growth. Pregnancy got a bit better, but with a couple of periods of bed rest and just being big and tired I still wasn’t seen much by the public at large, so I continued to let it grow.

And now, four months into my young daughter’s life, it is finally almost long enough to be caught back as I always wanted to do. I like having long hair, but I hate having to spend any time on it. I especially want to pull it out of the way of Zoe’s fingers or I may soon be almost as bald as she is.

But my son wants me to get it cut. I have to agree that I do think it looks better shorter. I’m just now a bit invested in the past year’s worth of growth, of finally getting beyond the stage where mirror experiences felt similar to those I had back in junior high, waiting for growth to bring things into proper proportions.

I told Jeff about my conversation with Eli. He said that perhaps Eli is prophetic, perhaps it is really the voice of God. So I guess I really do look better with bangs. In the eyes of my family at the very least.

The Experiment is over. The bangs shall return very shortly.

I never knew when I decided to have children that within 3 years my son’s opinion would be influencing my personal style.

Meet Zoe!

Zoe Anneliese was born on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 12:22 p.m.

Zoe after her first bath

We are so happy to have her out where we can now all enjoy her. Eli is thrilled with his little sister and has been a big help to his mama. He was initially a bit confused though when he came to the hospital to see her for the first time. He said, “Mama, have a new baby. Have another Zoe, this time orange.” I guess all this time he was thinking I was going to give birth to the Sesame Street muppet but somehow hadn’t gotten it quite right on my first try! Thankfully, after a little explanation he’s been able to accept our current Zoe just as she is.

Eli meets Zoe

I have so many things in mind to post about these days but so little time to actually do so. I’ll get you all caught up as time and energy permit, but right now around here it all about baby snuggles, carving out time for Eli and whatever elusive rest comes my way!

Pregnancy Update – 39 Weeks

39 Weeks

For all of her hurry to be out in the world a few weeks ago it now seems that this little girl has decided she is very content to stay where she is. (I, however, have been growing a little less content with this arrangement as time goes on.)

Zoe continues to be an active baby. Sometimes, especially in the evening, it looks like I have a couple of squirrels chasing each other around and around inside my belly. I feel like I am literally about to pop.

I had really hoped she would come last week as I am uncomfortable with the doctor I’m pretty much stuck with due to our insurance situation. Last week she was away on vacation, so I did a lot of walking and tried to encourage things along. The doctor’s vacation came to an end yesterday so now I’m just hoping that when it happens it is at night on a day that my doctor is not the one on call. I do feel better about the whole situation than I did a couple of weeks ago though as we have hired a doula to be there for the birth. I met with her a couple of weekends ago and she seems like a perfect fit for our situation.

So now we just hurry up and wait. The birth plan is written and copied. The bags are all packed and sitting by the door. Zoe’s car seat is installed. My brother and his wife are now visiting ready to take care of Eli when we have to leave for the hospital. They are also spending gobs of time with him now affording me a lot of pre-labor rest. I actually napped over 4 hours over the course of the other day! My husband’s siblings are also at the ready to help out with the little feller. He’ll be having such a good time that maybe he won’t even notice that I’m gone for a couple of days.

Sitting in my very cluttered work space.

Sitting in my very cluttered work space. Not a whole lot happening here these days other than the occasional sitting. ¬†ūüôā

Pregnancy Update-36 Weeks


12 days on bedrest and Zoe is still where she is supposed to be. The contractions had finally eased up about 4 days ago, but then I got up to go to my OB appointment Tuesday. Between that and the fact that I’ve managed ¬†to come down with the flu -complete with marathon coughing fits – they have now resumed once again. ¬†Only about once an hour at this point, but when they do hit they last up to six minutes and are strong enough that there is no talking through them. ¬†So we will see if lots of bed rest will work again to get them to stop.


Zoe looks like she is doing very well though. The ultrasound technician guesstimated that she is between 6 lbs 4 oz and 6 lbs 12oz at this point. I know these predictions can vary quite a bit from reality, but it was still comforting to hear. She is head down and turned to one side. Her heart rate was good at 134 beats per minute.


It looks like we can go home tomorrow! I won’t be able to help much with resettling the house if just walking into a doctor’s appointment, sitting around there for a little over an hour and then going straight home had such an effect on me earlier in the week. ¬†Thankfully I have a great husband and also offers of help from others as well.


Pregnancy Update- 35 Weeks

It looks like the end may be in sight a little earlier than I thought it would be. Saturday morning as we were on our way to Lowe’s to pick out the new bathroom vanity to replace the one damaged in the flood I began having contractions. I had started having what I assumed were Braxton Hicks contractions a couple of days earlier, but these ones were coming regularly every two minutes. So after a call to the doctor it was back to the hospital. Once laying down there they slowed to every ten minutes but remained regular. I was given a shot to stop them and checked to see if I had dilated (I hadn’t), before being sent home on bed rest.

On Monday I went in to see my OB and the monitor showed I was still having contractions, although I wasn’t feeling them, and had signs on a “irritable uterus”. An exam showed I had dilated a small amount over the past couple of days and that the cervix is soft. I was told that it was a few days too late to get the steriod shot to speed up lung development, and that at this point if I go into labor they won’t try to stop it. I am not on strict bed rest, as in I could go and sit on the couch if I wanted to (not that we have one in the hotel) and I can get up to do what needs doing in the bathroom.

Since then I’ve found that the contractions come back if I get up to do much of anything. Today has been the most intense day so far contraction-wise and I am now feeling pelvic pressure that is new. I’d really like little Zoe to stay inside a few more weeks, both for her own development and because I’d prefer to have a home to bring her home to, but I suppose if she begins her life post-hospital discharge in a hotel room it won’t be the end of the world and will make for a more interesting personal story in the long run.

Of course, it is entirely possible she will hang out where she’s supposed to be for a good long time still regardless of the contractions I’m experiencing now, but it seems to me that perhaps little Miss Zoe is itching to see the world!

The Bump, 33 Weeks

33 Weeks

I’ve not taken many pictures of this pregnancy, but here is one from last week. Although I feel huge and awkward I am actually so much smaller this time around than I was with Eli. The only other picture I have was taken last October when we had our family photos taken for the Christmas cards. Ironically, I felt huge and awkward then too, but when I saw the photo I realized it was all in my head. I didn’t post that picture then because I felt so silly about my own perceptions¬†ūüėČ

Eli is eagerly anticipating his little sister these days. He loves to rest his head on my belly in hopes she will give him a bit of a boxing in the ear. She often complies.

A recent conversation with him went more or less as follows… “That baby getting big? Baby coming? My friend coming soon? Baby be nice.”

Big Butt Baby Pants

IMG_8784 In preparing for little Zoe’s arrival I’ve sewn up some of Made by Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants. They are hopefully roomier and will make fitting the fluffy-bummed cloth diapered baby into clothing a little bit easier. I’ve liked this pattern for a long time and have enjoyed seeing the many versions of the pants made up by other people. I’ll warn you that a person could conceivably die of cuteness seeing Inder Love Folk Art’s owl version of these pants seen here, or these here (especially the red ones with the mushrooms and woodland animals on the butt). These pants look so much better with an adorable baby wearing them!

Green and Blue Big Butt Baby Pants

I tried to take the lazy woman’s approach by using sleeves off of old shirts and I think I actually created more difficulties for myself than if I had just followed the pattern exactly like a good girl. Live and learn… I know I’ll be making more of these (and at least I didn’t have to hem.) I actually even bought a few fat quarters of fabric that I thought would be cute for these pants. (If you follow this blog you know that I almost always use only reclaimed fabric. I’m cheap frugal like that.) The blue above is one of them and the rest still are waiting to be sewn up.

Striped Big Butt Baby Pants I plan on embellishing some onesies to go with these pants, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d better not wait much longer as I’m now at 31 weeks and I know the rest of the pregnancy will go by quickly as I try to get everything done!

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Very Belated Pregnancy Update

I received so many kind comments when I posted I’d been put on bed rest due to placenta previa. Thank you… it really helped to connect with people virtually, especially when prevented from getting out to see people face to face! During my time down I did get some felt play food made for Eli, learned how to knit a simple wash cloth, tried my hand at a crochet project that I’ve since abandoned as unworthy of further time investment.¬†

It’s now been two weeks since I was cleared for normal activity after an ultrasound showed that the placenta has indeed moved up and out of the way. I’ve just been so swamped trying to make up for lost time in Christmas prep that I hadn’t yet gotten around to updating my new status on this blog.

We have finally agreed upon our wee one’s first name, but the middle name is still to be determined. From here on out she will be known as Zoe. The name means “abundant life” and is one I have always liked. It seems rather appropriate in this case as while I had thought Eli was very in the womb, this one is already running laps around even him!

I am so thankful that this pregnancy is no longer as high risk as it was, Zoe is doing very well, I am out of bed (!) and my family is able to celebrate Christmas with the extended family. Life is good indeed!

Pregnancy Update

The little one continues to grow steadily and is VERY active. Today we are at 27 weeks. I began bleeding a little bit on Friday though and the doctor directed me to go to the hospital. There monitoring showed that thankfully there are no contractions. I stayed¬†overnight for continued monitoring as a precaution. I am now home again, but on bedrest. Previously I had been on restricted activity, such as no heavy lifting, because of a marginal placenta previa. I had hoped it had moved by this point, but since I began bleeding that would seem not to be the case. I am now allowed to get up to use the bathroom, but shouldn’t even sit at the table to eat.

Being monitored for contractions.

Being monitored for contractions.

I was on bedrest for a month with Eli’s pregnancy as well until the partial placenta previa migrated to a safer location. It was much earlier in the pregnancy though. I’m finding it much more difficult this time around in that I now have a toddler to take care of, and it is happening¬†right in the thick of all of the Christmas preparations. I had so many projects on my sewing list between gifts I wanted to make and clothes the Eli needs now and the baby will be needing soon enough.

Yesterday I was up more than I should have been. Today, I’ve been doing a bit better, and tomorrow I’m sure I’ll do better still. It is hard to stop your life on a dime, when you weren’t expecting to need to do so just yet. When I have been up it has been to get some things organized so that I can have work to do with my hands as I rest, and to put things Eli needs where he can have more independant access to them, such as the pack of diapers down on the floor instead of up on the shelf. He has been great at fetching things for me that I need and being as helpful as a little boy can be. My husband has taken on the lion’s share of all there is to be done as well as his regular work. I am so glad he works from home these days. My sisters-in-law have also been wonderful:¬†Jacki has been¬†taking Eli back and forth to school, running out to the craft store and produce market for me, and coming to take Eli out to play; and Susan, who is an incredible cook, has sent over yummy food that we have just to heat up. At a time when I am tempted into a funk over this unwelcome development, I find I don’t have to look too far to see how truly blessed I am. Of course the most important blessing of all is that right now this baby inside me is still doing just fine.

Eli slept the entire time I was being admitted and checked out.

Eli slept the entire time I was being admitted and checked out.

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be getting done over the the duration of Operation Bedbound. On one hand I have more time now, and now that I’m slowly figuring out my husband’s old laptop it looks like I will still have computer access. On the other, I have to see how streamlined I can make the process of photgraphing and downloading pictures, etc. Not that my photography tends to be spectacular anyway, but for now I may have to be content with flash photography with the bedspread as a background. Then there is the issue of all of the projects I had slated to accomplish and share here being mainly things that require the use of the sewing machine.¬†That, of course, remains a big no-no.

My plan thus far is to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the right circumstances… learn to knit and crochet! Using YouTube I’ve already learned to cast on and begin knitting. I’m about 1/3 of the way through my first washcloth! Not exactly blog-worthy eye candy, but I’m very happy about it. I hope to quickly learn other stitches and how to read patterns. Then it’ll be off to the land of all cuteness, knitted baby clothes! I’m also planning to try my hand at crocheting this baby hat. Jacki gave me this lovely crochet hook that is the perfect size for the project this morning.

My first knitting project and new crochet hook.

My first knitting project and new crochet hook.

My other focus will be sewing felt food for Eli. He will be getting a play kitchen for Christmas and will need some food to prepare in it. I think it will be a lot of fun to wade through the many felt food tutorials I’ve pinned and sew away. Maybe I’ll be able to work out and share a few tutorials of my own.

My apologies to the many people who have commented on other posts here at Folk Havenover the past few days for not responding. I read them all, and appreciated them. Now that I can use this laptop I hope to keep on top of these things a bit better again.

Reversible Bubble Pants

I’ve been doing so much sewing lately to get ready for the little girl we expect next March. ¬† Since a second, very in depth ultrasound (thanks to my “advanced maternal age”, such a lovely phrase, don’t yo think? no? me neither) confirmed that indeed she is a she, I’ve begun sewing girly stuff! (Thankfully all of the important stuff they were looking at in the ultrasound seem just fine!) She does seem to be a modest one though and really made the doctor work to determine her gender, first crossing her legs and later by covering her privates with her hand. But back to the sewing…

I posted that I’d be focusing on cloth diaper accommodating pants, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. These first couple I’m going to show you I just love. They are Reversible Bubble Pants from the book Growing Up Sew Liberated.¬†(This is the same book that gave me the pattern for the baby nightgowns.)If these won’t cover a fluffy bottom and still leave room for mobility I don’t know what would!

On the left are the 6 – 12 month side, 0 – 6 months on the right. Right now they seem huge, but babies grow so quickly. I plan to make at least one more pair in the 12 – 18 month size, and then may make second pairs in each size as well after that.

Both pairs of pants ¬†were made from cast-off knit clothing. This pair is in especially pre-loved fabric. I had a wonderful art teacher in high school who made a big difference in my life. My senior year she had a shirt that was made from fabric almost identical to the outer fabric on this pair of pants. A couple of years after graduation I found a dress in a thrift store that reminded me of her and I couldn’t help buying it. I’ve never been one to wear dresses often, but on the fairly rare occasions that I did this was my go to dress for about 6 years after that. When I pulled it out of my closet a week ago I could see it was really hopelessly out of date in style (I’ve worn it perhaps twice in the past 10 years) and had picked up a stain or two along the way. I just had never gotten rid of it due to the sentimental nature of the dress. Cutting it up to make pants for my baby though was easy! I can’t wait to see my daughter in this fabric, and have some more left over that will doubtless become other things for her to wear. (The lining fabric was from a t-shirt. I couldn’t avoid a bit of the printing on the front of the shirt which you may notice at the top of the waist band in the photo. It won’t be visible when worn though, and although these are reversible pants with all seams hidden between the two layers, I’d always want the special fabric on the outside anyway!)

And here is the rear view… Yep, plenty of room for a well padded little tookis!

Thanks for reading!

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