Eli’s Pocoyo Hat

When I began this blog over a year ago one of the first sewing projects I posted about was this Up-Cycled Boy Hat I had sewn for Eli. I followed the tutorial I found on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. (The link can be found in my original post.) It is constructed from fabric from old t-shirts and pajama pants.

Unfortunately Eli was decidedly less thrilled with it than I was. It wasn’t personal. He firmly held the belief that all headcoverings were evil instruments of torture. There passed many a winter day when I reflected upon the fact that our decision to move to Southern California from the Chicago area before he joined our family might prove to be a key factor in his reaching adulthood with ears still attached to his head in a form not grotesquely mishapen by frostbite.

He doesn't look so happy, but he really does like his hat (I promise!)

He doesn’t look so happy, but he really does like his hat (I promise!)

A couple of weeks ago I found the hat languishing in the back of a closet and pulled it out. Eli saw it and declared “my Pocoyo hat!” (The Pocoyo connection had never even occured to me… in fact when I made it I had never even heard of Pocoyo.) In that instant I found that I too loved Pocoyo. The next day he wore it to preschool and refused to take it off all day long.

Eli's Pocoyo hat


Elfin Hat for Newborn

Here is another Elfin Hat… this time in newborn size!

I made it from a discarded sweater. A larger hat from this same sweater can be seen here. The tassel is made of strips of thin knit fabric, each strand knotted at the end.

It would work great for that newborn photography session!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tiny one to model it. (But if I did I’m sure there would be no new Elfin Hat at the moment!) Eli’s white bear was willing to lend a helpful noggin.


If interested you can find this hat in my Etsy shop, FolkHavenCreations.