Treasure Pocket Pants

Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe

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I’m excited to share my latest attempt at a sewing project from Sewing for Boysthe Treasure Pocket Pants!


This was begun just before I landed on bed rest and it taunted me in it’s pile of pieces on the sewing table throughout the duration of my time down. Once I was cleared to get up I attacked it with a vengance as I really wanted Eli to have this pair of pants in time for Christmas. All told I spent about 3 weeks on it as it just takes me forever and many mishaps to sew up things according to other people’s instructions. I just keep reminding myself that it is all part of the learning process. And I did learn a lot… including how to make a faux fly!

Treasure Pocket Pants side panel 1

The side panels are pieced together from old t-shirts and other articles of clothing I had been saving exactly for this purpose for quite some time. To avoid having the knit fabric stretch too much during assembly I backed the assembled panels with muslin.


I hit a bit of a wall during the construction of these pants in that the pattern pieces for the side panel above the pocket and the rest of the side panel were different widths. I measured and remeasured and wondered how I could be messing up so royally and yet be unable to find my error. I was very pleased to discover that I was not at all at fault (for once!) and that there has since been published a corrected pattern piece that can be downloaded and printed off the web. ( updatesanderrata/)

Eli in Treasure Pocket Pants Christmas Day

In addition to the side panels, all the other fabric used to make these pants was reclaimed from old clothing as well. I really like that this one pair of pants helped make a bit of a dent in my stash of fabric for repurposing.


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Easy Fix for Toddler Pants That Won’t Stay Up

I’ve been doing a lot of mending lately, most of it makes for pretty dull blog fodder, but it has to be done. I’ll share this particular fix though, because for how very simple and seemingly uninspired it is I actually spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to attack the problem of toddler pants that constantly migrate south.Eli received this pair of pants as a gift over a year ago and I have been awaiting the day when he would finally grow into them. Lengthwise they are now perfect, but they are just a smidge too wide to actually stay up. Even the best looking pair of pants fail to look their best when slipping below the derriere in public.

I had found this excellent and easy tutorial for fixing this problem, but since these pants unbutton I couldn’t run a complete circle of elastic all the way around the inside of the  waist.

Instead I just attached a small length of elastic to each side. It is whipstitched on each end by hand and will be super easy to remove when Eli grows a bit wider.

Simple, huh? So why did it take me a few days to figure it out?? Sigh… But now he’s wearing the pants, and actually objects to removing them, so it’s all good.

Knit Baby Pants: Guest Post from Growing Slower

I couldn’t be more pleased than I am to introduce you to Shannon of Growing Slower! I love her blog which is full of information on green and natural living, especially as it applies to the parenting of wee ones! She graciously offered to do a guest post to help me out during my early-pregnancy-induced break from blogging. While it was hard for me to choose from among the post ideas she offered, in the end I had to go with this adorable knit baby pants. A guest post is really the only way I am ever going to get any knitting on my blog in the foreseeable future, and few things feed baby fever for me as much as seeing knit baby clothing. One day I will learn to knit… in the meantime please join me in drooling over Shannon’s creation! Of course, if you are a knitter, you can do more than drool as she includes links to a free pattern. When you’re done here I highly recommend you head on over to Growing Slower… you’ll be glad you did!

If there is anyone else who might be interested in having a guest post on Folk Haven, please contact me. My schedule’s wide open. 😉

I’m so thrilled to be guest posting here at Folk Haven! I always love sharing my favorite free knitting patterns, both original designs and those by others, so I knew this guest post would be the perfect opportunity for a little show and tell. 


I had been eyeing this adorable pattern for knit baby pants long before I ever became pregnant. Of course between pregnancy and then becoming a mom, there wasn’t much time for knitting. I’ve finally started getting some yarn back into my hands and it feels so wonderful! At last I have finished this little project! I knitted the 18-24 month size for my one year old BabyE, so hopefully he will still be able to wear them this fall. 


The free pattern is available from the ymymmytm blog. If you can make a hat, you can knit these pants.  I used three skeins (615 yards) of Berroco Weekend Yarn in Steel Blue #5930. It is almost a perfect match to Baby’s eyes.  As usual I needed to size down (to US size 4) to get the right gauge. As I was working the pattern, I matched it up to some of Baby’s store-bought 18 month pants to make sure I was getting the right size. I ended up needing to add quite a few rows to match the leg length. I added one more 2-row repetition to the moss stitch on the legs. Then I added 35 extra knit rows to the lower legs. 

This was such a fun project. I’m really enjoying these warm summer days, but these cozy pants are making me look longingly toward fall. 

Shannon is a stay at home mom and architect. She’s passionate about  green, natural, and healthy living; recycling; natural birth; knitting; cloth diapering; and of course her own lovely little family. She blogs about it all at GrowingSlower. For more free knitting and sewing patterns, click to subscribe to GrowingSlower.


Thank you so much, Shannon! Love, love, love the pants… and your handsome model! It has been so much fun watching him grow over the past year! 🙂

A Little Help? (A Sewing Conundrum & Prayer Request)

I’ve had a slow start to sewing this year. Finally, I got started on a pair of pants I’ve been wanting to make for a couple of months.

I really like this detail on a pair of Eli’s pants. For want of a better term I’ll call it a knee pleat. (Please, if you know a better technical term, educate me.) The color in this photo isn’t great, but the pants are a color green that just doesn’t match much of his wardrobe so they haven’t seen much wear. He doesn’t really need more pants right now but my friend’s son Alan, who is about the same age, does. Yay! An excuse for me to try to make a pair of pants with a “knee pleat.”

I traced a pair of Eli’s pants that are currently a good fit to make a new pattern. Do you see what I forgot? Yep. There is an appalling lack of seam allowances. I ‘m not concerned with the the top or the bottom of the pants as I’ll be adding other fabrics there (and I did remember to add a little extra length), but the seams around the seat and crotch and down the legs… Uh-oh.

Of course I didn’t notice until I had it pretty much sewn up. Little Alan is the same height as Eli but several pounds lighter. Even so, these certainly don’t look like they will accommodate a little guy with a diaper, even if he is a string bean.

Here’s the thing. I’m trying to decide if the pants are salvageable. I was pretty excited about the pocket on the side of one pant leg.

And of course the “knee pleat.”

Please excuse the tailor's pencil lines. These haven't been washed yet.

Also, the fabric on the bottom is made to be worn as a cuff or down when Alan gets taller. It’s the first time I’ve done that as well.

So, I’m wondering if maybe putting in a butt-wedge like I put in Eli’s Fluffy-bottom Sweater Pants would save these pants. (I think the skinnier legs would still work for Alan.)

Of course with the denim material being much more uniform it would be less noticeable, Maybe I could add a back pocket to further disguise it, but would it look too “baby-ish” for toddler jeans? Should I just salvage the pocket and start anew?

I’d really appreciate any feedback on this that I can get!

I won’t be able to sew much this coming week as I have doctor’s appointments for Eli everyday but Wednesday. That gives me time to step back and think this through and gather your nuggets of sewing wisdom before I blunder ahead.

And for those of you out there who pray, I’d really appreciate any prayers you might have for Eli on Thursday. We have to take him in for a swallow study. Eli chokes fairly often, even on his own saliva, and it’s possible his tongue not working quite right could be a part of the speech delay he has. It seems he chews up and spits out more food than he swallows a lot of the time.

Between getting him up a couple of hours earlier than usual (lately he won’t sleep much before 11:30 p.m.), not feeding him or giving him anything to drink, getting him to agree to swallow the barium and then either having him brave the x-ray alone, or convincing the hospital staff to allow me to stay with him during the actual x-rays…. Then continuing to not allow him to eat, drink, or nurse so they can do more x-rays a while later to see the state of his small intestine… Let’s just say we are really going to need some Divine intervention to get him to co-operate through all of this. And of course, co-operation aside, I’d like it to be as un-traumatic for him as possible as well.

Thank you for reading, and for any support, sewing or prayer, you might be willing to lend!


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