“Baked” Potato Microwave Bag

At the Christmas Eve Eve celebration we attended this bag was given as a hostess gift. I heard people raving about how well it works and it looks super easy to make. The potatoes made this way taste oven-baked, with the exception of not being crispy on the outside, and are so much faster to make with less energy consumption than the traditional way. We don’t use a microwave at our house so I won’t be sewing up one to make a tutorial myself, but I found one here.

Microwave Potato Bag

The tutorial calls for using batting, but the bag circulating at the party (and the ones others were speaking about that they had received and used) did not use any batting, just quilting fabric on the outside and flannel inside.

While looking for a tutorial to link to I did find some important advice on other sites. It is important to use only 100% cotton materials, NO polyester at all, or there is a risk of the bag catching fire in the microwave (not to mention potential unsavory synthetic off-gassing). Also regardless of the fabric size recommended in the tutorial, double check that the potato bag is small enough to clear the sides of your microwave by at least an inch.


Close up of the instruction label pinned to the microwave potato bag.

Whether made for yourself or to give as a gift, this is one super quick and easy project that receives rave reviews… just thought I’d pass it on. ūüôā

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Dr. Oz’s Microwave Popcorn

English: for microwave ovens, popped state.

I stopped using microwave popcorn some time ago when it came out that the vapors when you open the bag are toxic and can damage your lungs. Also, microwave popcorn is quite expensive when compared to buying the more traditional stuff. I picked up a hot air popper at a thrift store which I used a lot for the kids in my classroom when I was a teacher, but now it is in a hard to access cupboard and it’s just not convenient to use.

The Dr. Oz Show logo

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday the TV was on in the background. I wasn’t paying attention but then I saw something that made me stop what I was doing and listen up. It was the Dr. Oz show and as a New Years resolution weight loss bit he was showing how to make a low calorie filling snack to tame the late night munchies by making popcorn. But here’s the thing. He was making REGULAR popcorn in the MICROWAVE. This I had to try.

I got rid of our microwave some time ago so Eli and I trundled over to Aunt Jacki’s house to do our little experiment. (Thanks, Jacki!)

All you do is put 1/4 cup of popcorn in a lunch sack.

See, nothing but popcorn!

Fold the top down a couple of times and put it in the microwave.

Microwave on high for 2 minutes or until it stops popping.

Pour into a bowl.

Spray it lightly with cooking spray.

Dust with cinnamon or garlic salt. Toss, spray and dust until it’s how you like it.


Yup, IT WORKS… and it is really that simple!

Maybe I need to get a microwave again.

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