Hashi Stool Face Lift

Remember this… one of the most versatile toys ever that can be created in your very own living room from discarded cardboard?

No? Go here to learn to make one of your very own (and also a bit more about why you might want to)!

Yes? Great. Then you also remember that I was not a fan of the brown bunny decorative paper it was covered with.

Eli and I went to the library this week and on the cart outside was this book for sale for a quarter. Pretty damaged but full of delightful vintage illustrations.

Eli did not help me with the events to follow as I don’t want him getting the idea that it is a good idea to take scissors to books! This was a naptime project if there ever was one.

Who Killed Cock Robin? Really?

I like the illustrations on these pages, but definitely not something I’d deem appropriate for any small child. Basically it outlines the murder of a robin by a sparrow and the disposal of his mortal remains. For those as uninitiated as I was, here is a little sampling:

“Who caught his blood?

I, said the Fish,

With my little dish,

I caught his blood.”

So… Moving on.

The Owl and the Pussy Cat

Since this toy can be used in two different orientations I decorated one side right-side up and the other upside-down. Which is which depends upon if it is being used as a bridge or a rocker.

The other side received three different short nursery rhymes: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jack Be Nimble, and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

I like it a lot more now. That’s all I got for ya today. Thanks for stopping by!



It’s a Bridge… It’s a Rocker… It’s a Stool!

I’ve taken a break from sewing over the past week, but it’s been for a good cause. I found this tutorial for creating a great new toy from discarded cardboard. It’s a stool, no… it’s a chair, no… it’s a bridge, no… it’s a rocker, no… it’s a mountain… What Eli and I can both agree on is it is a very versatile toy/piece of kiddie furniture.

I had pinned the tutorial for the Hashi Stool a little while back, and when neighbors set out two HUGE boxes from their new set of patio furniture I knew it was time! One of the boxes is waiting to be transformed into a playhouse of sorts, and the part of the other that isn’t now a Hashi Stool will perhaps become a painted playmat for cars and trains. (We’ll see how motivated I am for the follow through on that one.)

The slideshow tutorial can be found over at The Cardboard Collective. A printable pattern is also provided. It’s a blog full of fun, cute and things to make from discarded cardboard, written by Amber who is currently living in Tokyo with her family. I highly recommend her blog and look forward to trying more of her projects in the future. This link will take you to their project gallery. Go on… have some fun and keep just a bit more cardboard out of the landfill or recycling center!

Tracing the pattern onto cardboard. I enjoyed how the pdf pattern we printed off had been originally drawn onto a Japanese newspaper.

I asked my brother what the word “hashi” means. It is a Japanese word meaning both chopsticks and bridge. I think in this instance the reference must be a bridge as it would be most difficult to eat much of anything with this contraption.

Eli enjoyed squeezing glue out of the bottle…

…almost as much as he enjoyed spreading it.

This was the first project I’ve ever done WITH Eli, although admittedly most of the action took place during naptimes. I like that he now feel like he had a part in it’s creation. I look forward to many more such experiences with him.

I really like how Amber decorated her Hashi Stool by attaching discarded retro album covers she found to the sides.

Eli helped spread the glue for the paper on the side as well.

In the absence of such a windfall of decorative-goodness I settled for children’s wrapping paper. The little brown bunnies are a little too cutesy for my taste for this project, truth be told, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. (I also just wanted to finish this project already and get back to some sewing!) As it used only a bit and the roll came from the 99 Cent Store I think I can still consider this basically a free project. (Well, I guess I did buy glue, but we still have plenty left of that as well.) If I happen upon paper I like better in the future I’ll just cover this current layer of decoration up!

Showing off how it can rock… he rocks ON it plenty, just not when Mama has the camera out!

Then he decided ‘Raffe can demonstrate the rocking feature.

Tentatively climbing up. When we initially made it too narrow it tipped over on him, so now he’s a bit wary. We have since made it wider and it is very stable.

A little more confident climbing on it if Mama does it with him. This thing is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.

It makes a great tunnel…

…although this truck is too big. Good opportunity to work on that concept.

This car fits though!

Thanks for stopping by!


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