Letter to Eli, 21 Months

Dear Eli,

Today you turn 21 months old. You constantly please and amaze us as we watch your personality develop and unfold. You love to “help” with things around the house. Some jobs, like putting diapers into the garbage, you have claimed as your own. When the diaper that was removed is cloth or soiled you don’t get to do the honors and you express much indignation. You love to “garden” by moving the soil from the large planters out front from pot to pot with a trowel. Inevitably quite a bit spills onto the sidewalk. You love helping to get it all swept up. You can now follow simple directions. When your Daddy asks you to bring me something you do so with such a look of pride. Truly adorable!

Playing with your Radio Flyer wagon.

First experience with sidewalk chalk.

This month you got your first haircut. I wrote about that in a separate post. You look so much more like a little boy with your hair trimmed. I guess I can’t call you Samson any longer.



You are now scaling the furniture to new heights. You move chairs around the room to reach the shelves where all of the things we’ve put out of your reach reside. You pull out the drawers of your daddy’s dresser and use them as stairs, so we can’t let you be in the bedroom alone to play anymore. It is becoming ever more challenging to keep you accident-free from one day to the next, but I love seeing how able you are becoming.

You love to climb!

Sleep, or rather lack thereof, has always been an issue with you. For your first 10months you were awake every 20 minutes at night more often than not. Then there was a long span of every-hour awakenings, gradually lengthening to 90 minute and 2-hour intervals. Lately we’ve been up every 3 or 4 hours, about 3 times a night, which I’ve found manageable, but barely. Of course, many people have had advice and we’ve listened to it all. Some we have tried without success. Other advice was to stop co-sleeping and to nightwean. Intuitively we knew that this would actually do more harm than help. I’m so glad we listened to our intuition as we have uncovered the cause of the restless nights. You have developed allergies (sorry for the genetic gift there) and we began to give you Zyrtec. It soon became apparent that you are one of the rare individuals that gets the side effects of hyperactivity and insomnia instead of the usual drowsiness. (Oh, how we had looked forward in vain to the drowsiness!) I have been taking Zyrtec since long before you were a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye and thus passing it on to you at each nursing session. Since I’ve stopped taking it you are usually awake, and only briefly, once or twice a night — that is, unless your allergies are bothering you!

Dreaming of riding the carousel. Soon, Eli. Soon.

Train ride with Daddy

Your love of all things Daddy continues to grow. Most days you go out for “Daddy fun time” while I get a while to work on my projects or this blog. It’s great that Daddy can work from home most of the time. When he does have to leave for the office this is your reaction, unless he is gone before you get up.

When Daddy goes to work.

This past month you had a bad cold that turned into your first ear infection. You are feeling much better now but seem to be holding on to the illness-inspired eating habits. You mostly will only eat bread, pasta or cereal. Of, course your love of ketchup hasn’t been affected. You point and ask upon seeing it when I open the fridge door. More often than not you lick the ketchup off your food without eating anything. You have also been known to eat it with your spoon when it is put on the side of your plate for dipping purposes. I’m having to get creative to try to find ways to sneak some fruit and veggies into you (other than processed tomatoes that is)! It amazes me how much energy you have and how quickly you manage to grow when it seems that you are barely eating! The Thanksgiving meal so did not impress you. I think maybe 3 bites of food crossed your lips other than the roll.

Here you are NOT eating at Thanksgiving.

You really like the Christmas tree. I’m not sure how it’s possible that it hasn’t been knocked over yet. It looks a bit bedraggled and most of the ornaments are on the top half of the tree. I look forward to the years to come when we will make ornaments together. Now you are happy just to have it here within your reach.

Decorating the Christmas tree.

We are definitely in “Terrible Two” territory these days. You are not shy about expressing your displeasure when things don’t go as you think they should. You very definitely have a mind of your own. It is so frustrating for you to want to do so much more than you are able (or allowed) to do. Don’t worry the day will come when you can do all those things and much more!

I’m so looking forward to sharing this Christmas season with you and watching all of your joy and wonder!

I love you very,very, very much!




  1. Randalin said,

    December 7, 2011 at 3:32 am

    A boy who loves ketchup so much is a boy after my own heart!

    It sounds like Eli is doing wonderfully. I love the positive spin you put on the tough stuff.

  2. December 7, 2011 at 5:08 am

    Hey..thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment..yeah I’m fascinated by old…very old…stuff..lately I saw a blog with vintage postcards and a lovely christmas instrumental…boy I cried !!!!!!
    very nostalgic…….
    you have a wonderful boy.. may y’all have a wonderful christmas and a joyful new year..
    blessings from Dubai,
    Babita @ CSU.

  3. December 7, 2011 at 5:09 am

    oh almost forgot..can you make ur pictures a bit more bigger..just an opinion…it will really make a difference..


  4. December 7, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Those are some awesome photos! I especially love the last one – beautiful!!

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