Letter to Eli, 20 months

Dear Eli,

This month you have grown in so many ways. We knew you were getting more and more attached to your daddy over the past few months. I think he is relieved that the days of Mama,Mama, and ONLY Mama(!) are over. I know I am; it is so much fun to sit back and watch the two of you interact (yea, the sitting back IS part of it for me, but really, you guys are great together!) Anyway, you have been enjoying your daddy-time more and more, but I realized how strong your attachment is when Daddy left for a week on a business trip to Kenya. For the first 3 days you went and pounded on his office door until I would open it for you. Then on finding him NOT there, oh did you cry! I put you on the phone with him once and you beamed when you heard his voice and immediately began peering into the holes in the phone’s ear piece to see if Daddy was somehow inside. We were both so happy when Daddy came home.

photo by Mary Hurlbut Photography

You have begun signing in two word phrases. Cat Food. Cat Water. Or upon seeing the doggy fountain in the park, Dog Water. Yea, most of your waking thought, and therefore signing, seems to revolve around animals, especially dogs and cats. Poor Kiana only has relative peace when she stays in the closet. You so love that cat, but do so by chasing, screeching at, and throwing toys at her. Yet when I catch her for you as I do a couple of times a day, you touch her so very gently and kiss her over and over again. Every time we pass or hear a dog I hear you slapping your thigh, the sign for dog. Not one escapes your notice. You like to pet them too, as long as they are facing the other way. Doggy interaction is still a bit too intense for you.

Your current favorites among your books are a set of Sesame Street books and any book featuring farm animals. Last month you were pointing at the pictures demanding so insistently that I name them. Now I can say “Where’s the {insert picture name here}?” and you almost always get it right. You have also begun to actually listen to a book being read in the last few days. Your mother is all aquiver with excitement and dreams of outings to story time at the library!

photo by Jacki Sellers

You are a boy who loves music. You will stop playing to watch a music special on PBS, be it Latin music, classical, or a documentary about the banjo. You love to applaud at the end of a song! After his guitar broke under your adoration, Daddy repaired it with duct tape (is there anything duct tape can’t do?) and gave it to you.  You want to carry it by yourself, even though it is as big as you are and play it like a bass. You stop to applaud the music every third strum or so.  I look forward to see what form music will take in your future.

I love you so very, very, very much!




  1. November 9, 2011 at 1:12 am

    This is such an amazing and special idea- something he will cherish forever. i am truly inspired thankyou! Lou

    • November 9, 2011 at 6:56 am

      I was inspired when I saw another blogger who did this for her daughter (see BecomingSarah.com). I just wish I had started earlier in his infancy. Thank you for your visit and kind comments.

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