On Keeping a Promise

I just saw a ABC  7 News segment that told the story of a father, a construction worker,

Cover of "Sewing for Dummies"

Cover of Sewing for Dummies

who made his daughter’s wedding dress even though he had never sewn before. Erin Lucien taught himself using the book Sewing For Dummies and by following You Tube videos. He practiced by sewing bed sheet fabric that he would then mail to his daughter, Danielle, to check the fit. He did this because when his girls were little he had always promised them that when they got married he would make their wedding dress.

What amazes me is not only did he fulfill what many would think of as a promise made in jest but that his daughter had such faith in her father that she didn’t even buy a back up dress. According to the news feature the dress was still unfinished 2 hours before the wedding! I can only imagine the tension at that point!

I am also teaching myself to sew. I would not want my first project to be a wedding dress but it would be great to eventually get up to that skill level. I admire Erin Lucien for being so very skilled with making things with his hands that he could make the jump from construction to tailor so quickly.

Even more I applaud the beautiful relationship he has with his daughter. I hope that as my relationship with Eli unfolds over the years that he will have the same level of confidence and trust in me. Such trust is earned over thousands of interactions, promises kept both big and small. I need to remember to daily parent intentionally to build the kind of trust where he also won’t feel the need to come up with a Plan B in case I don’t keep my word.

Here’s to a lifetime of promise keeping!


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  1. October 19, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What an amazing and heart-warming story 🙂

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